Active Pass House

Active Pass House

Completed 2014  –  Footprint: 1600 Sq. Feet

We worked directly with the owners on this large-scale renovation that necessitated a partial second floor to increase the house’s size while staying within its original footprint.

Our clients envisioned timber trusses on the main floor but the engineer required laminated veneer lumber for strength.

We will work with you or your designer to take advantage of your site’s views, natural light, cooling breezes, and shade areas.

We finished the exterior in a combination of cedar bevel siding, cedar shingles and a feature rock wall by the entrance. We fabricated custom metal flashings for use at the corners, windows, and doors to eliminate the need for trim.

It was a satisfying project, transforming a house while staying within its existing footprint.


floor-to-ceiling feature walls with hand fitted rocks
ceramic flooring with in-floor heating
circular hall window
ridgetop skylight
all interior glass railings with no posts or top rail
custom built shower and steam room
stone patio
rain water collection for toilets
solar supplement for radiant floor heating