About Us

EST. 1990

With Hunterston Homes Ltd, you are
hiring the expertise and knowledge of its
individuals. Having worked together for
over two decades as professionals, we strive
for best practices, therefore we debate and
brainstorm over methodology, design
and products.

We have gained a reputation for careful project management and expertise in the whole
building process. We are proud of our work and have become known for skilled craftsmanship of
a high and enduring quality. At Hunterston Homes Ltd, we will work hard to transform your
dream into reality.

Project Detail

Twiss Rd House


We handle a wide range of building sizes and styles from cozy cabins to modern contemporary homes, to custom renovations.

Incorporating only the finest quality materials into our projects from the initial stages of construction through to the finishing details.e able to offer a timber frame and joinery look to steel frame construction in the framing stages. Our experience with interior finishes ranges from wood and drywall to concrete and we’ve used pre-painted metal to locally milled cedar siding on our homes’ exteriors.


Our team will work in such a way to minimize the impact of construction during the length of the project.

This will be done through prudent planning, attentive project management and mindful workmanship. We will work with you or your designer to take advantage of your site’s views, natural light, cooling breezes, and shade areas. Our team pays close attention to the surrounding natural landscape and takes every precaution to ensure protraction of the property.


We make it a priority to pay attention to detail. Fine finishing work is essential for the successful completion of your construction project.

We offer a wide choice of finishing details; whether for a modern or a country asthetic. Our experience includes installation of tile and wood flooring, wood ceilings, beam work, custom cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms and libraries, exterior decks, as well as brick or stone fireplaces with or without inserts.


Our intent is to incorporate your changes in a manner that preserves the character of your home while bringing your vision to life.

We blend the new structure with the existing building in a way that truly enhances the comfort and aesthetic appearance of your home or cottage.


We have served Galiano and the neighbouring islands since 1990 with a commitment to provide you with dependable and honest craftsmanship.

Project Detail

Parker Island Residence